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iGala IWP 808

Manufacturer iGala
Model IWP 808
Part Number
FrameAlbum support ?
Screen Size 8
Resolution 800x600
Internal Memory 1GB
FrameChannel Mode Y (w/ FrameChannel firmware update)
RSS Mode N
Links Manuf. product page

This frame has a touchscreen.

Complete Firmware Refresh for FrameChannel Version

For FrameIt Model Switch to FrameChannel Version What is the difference between FrameChannel and FrameIt?

Warning: All settings and stored images on you iGala frame will be erased with this firmware switch.

  1. Copy the following two files to a USB drive: abies.zip, update.sh.changeme.
  2. Change the name of file "update.sh.changeme" to "update.sh". Do NOT change or cut/paste its content!
  3. Notes: Please make sure the operating system didn't automatically unzip the abies.zip file, or put a .txt suffixes to the update.sh file.
  4. Plug in the USB drive into iGala frame while it is on.

The upgrade process will kick off automatically and should complete within one minute. You will hear an alarm sound when it is done. Power off/on the iGala frame and you are done!


User Manual: File:IGala UserManual 081120.pdf