The collected Wisdom of the Masses on WiFi enabled digital photo frames
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This is an index to the frame specific pages on the wiki.

Manufacturer Model
Apple iPad
Brightsign (Roku) HD210
Camnex eFrame 12.1 (EFW209A)
Chumby Chumby
D-Link DSM-210
D-Link DIR-685
Edge Tech Corporation Hi-Res Wireless 8
eStarling ImpactV
eStarling TouchConnect (WPF-588)
Haier PFW8
Hewlett-Packard SD828A1
Hewlett-Packard DreamScreen 130
iGala IWP808
iMate Momento 70 (MOM70-CF-WM)
iMate Momento 100 (MOM100-CF-WM)
inTouch IT7100
inTouch IT7150
Ipevo Kaleido R7 (CSFU-01IP)
Kodak Easyshare W820
Kodak Easyshare W1020
Kodak Pulse W720s
Kodak Pulse W1030s
Looq MeeFrame (MF801W)
Motorola LS1000WB
Motorola LS1000W
Pandigital PAN811-B
Pandigital PAN1002DW
Pandigital PAN1051DWCB
Pandigital PAN1200DWFR
Pandigital PAN1200W02
Pandigital PAN1251
Pandigital PANTV1512
Pandigital PAN17056AWB
Pandigital PI8004W01
Parrot Grande Specchio
Philips 8FF3WMI
PhotoVu PV2275W
PhotoVu PV2265WDS
PhotoVu PV1965W
Pix-Star PXT51WR02
Popcorn Hour A-110
Samsung SPF-83V
Samsung SPF-85V
Samsung SPF-105V
Shogo SG080-CA
Shogo SG-081A
SmartParts SPX8WF
Sungale AD1501W+
Sungale ID800WT
Sungale AW15B-WF
Sony DPF-W700 / DPF-WA700
Toshiba DMF82XWU
Toshiba DMF102XKU
Toshiba DMF82XKU
Viewsonic VFP838-11
Ziga DF800W